Preparing our Hearts for Yom Kippur - A Virtual Retreat

    Teshuva, Forgiveness, Joy & Love -  joint project of Or HaLev and HaMakom 

    Yom Kippur is an opportunity for extraordinarily deep and transformative practice - if, and only if, our hearts are ready. In this retreat we will begin the transformation of our hearts, bodies, minds and souls through practice, reflection and exploration grounded in Jewish mindfulness practice. 

     This retreat will also offer daily opportunities to engage in concrete practices of:

    Deep forgiveness

     Loving soul searching 

    Transformation of harmful patterns 

    Returning to our true selves

     Cultivating abiding and liberating joy

    The retreat will include daily chanting as well as opportunities for dialogic work and a beautiful sense of community and connection, even though we are physically apart. There will also be opportunities for group meditation, meetings with the teachers and communal question and answer sessions. Through our work together, we will touch the transformative power of those qualities available to us in the days leading up to Yom Kippur for the renewal, repair and recalibration of our relationships with ourselves, others and the worlds we inhabit.

    Join this retreat in multiple ways!

    • Come for the full experience, joining us for an immersion into silence and deep seamless practice. 

    • Join us for the evening practice and teachings sessions where we will explore a particular theme, such as forgiveness, through both teachings and specific concrete practices. 

    • Weave the different aspects of retreat into your life, dropping into silence and shared practice and then returning to your engagement with other aspects of your life as appropriate. 

    The retreat will begin on the evening of Wednesday September 23 and continue until early afternoon Sunday September 27, the eve of Yom Kippur. We will break from communal virtual practice over the course of shabbat (from Friday afternoon, with an individual practice schedule and instructions provided) and rejoin together Saturday night after the conclusion of Shabbat. 

    If conditions allow it, there may be an opportunity for a small physical in person component of this retreat in Israel.

    The retreat will be based primarily on Israeli and UK time zones but will be accessible to those in other time zones as well. Essential daily interactive elements of our retreat including question & answer sessions and extended teaching-and-practice sessions will be at times accessible to North American participants.  In addition, participants in other time zones can supplement their experience by watching recorded content from our retreat when they are not able to make live sessions.  Suggested practice schedules will be provided for participants in North America.

    *HaMakom will be offering a separate virtual guided communal shabbat practice which retreat participants are free to register for.

    ​Via Zoom

    September 23- 27, 2020



    Rabbi Dr. James Jacobson Maisels

    Rav James directs the vision of Or HaLev & is a devotee of mindfulness practice. Ordained by Rav Daniel Landes, with a doctorate in Jewish Studies from the University of Chicago, Rav James lectures internationally on Jewish Spiritual practices. He also teaches at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Haifa University & Yeshivat Hadar. He strives to integrate his study with his practice, & to help teach & live Judaism as a spiritual discipline.

    Rabbi Danny Newman

    Rav Danny is the Founder and CEO of HaMakom and has been teaching and practising meditation for over 20 years. He is a student of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and received his semicha at Leo Baeck College. He is the spiritual leader of the Elstree & Borehamwood and Edgware Masorti Communities and previously worked for many years as a corporate lawyer in the City of London. He read Jewish Studies at Oxford University, has studied at several yeshivot in Israel and trained in psychotherapy, and is a certified Integral Development Coach.

    Rebecca Schisler

    Rebecca Schisler is a meditation teacher, artist and ritualist. A devoted student of contemplative practice for a decade, Rebecca has sat numerous intensive Jewish and Buddhist retreats in the US, India and Israel, and has taught on retreat with Or Ha Lev and Awakened Heart Project. She taught mindfulness to children, teachers and parents in California schools with Mindful Life Project and has guided adolescents through Jewish nature-based rites of passage as a lead facilitator with Wilderness Torah. As a teaching artist, Rebecca creates large-scale community mural projects with youth internationally.

    Registeration and Payment

    Register via HaMakom to pay in Pounds Sterling
    Your payment goes directly to supporting the retreat, it’s direct costs and the sponsoring organizations. None of your payment goes to support the teachers. Rather, at the end of the retreat, you will be invited to donate, to make an offering of the heart, to support the teachers and this practice. 

    Basic Rate

    $100 / 300 NIS  / 75£  

    Pay in U.S Dollar

    Supporter Rate

    $200 / 600 NIS / 150 £

    Pay in U.S Dollar

    Sustainer Rate

     $500 / 1500 NIS / 375 £

    Pay in U.S Dollar

    In this time of uncertainty and unprecedented change, Or HaLev is grateful to those supporters who allow us to offer scholarship rates those who need it.  We are deeply greatfull for the sustainers who  make it possible for us to offer practices for grounding and healing, rooted in Jewish tradition. 

    Scholarship Rate

    $50 / 150 NIS / 38 £

    *Please write to if you need to request additional aid beyond the scholarship rate. 

    Pay in U.S Dollar

    :לתשלום בשקל, בצעו העברה בנקאית עבור

    אור הלב, מכרז לרוחניות ומדיטציה יהודית ע"ר

    בנק לאומי, סניף 895, חשבון 04151507

    לאחר ביצוע ההעברה אנא שלחו מייל עם פרטי ההעברה לכתובת 


    Sample Schedule


    5:30 AM Wake up

    6:00 AM Sit

    6:30 AM Walk, Breakfast or Individual Prayer Time

    7:00 AM Sit

    7:30 AM Chanting

    9:30 AM Walk, Breakfast or Individual Prayer Time

    9:15 AM -Sit with Instructions

    10:00 PM - Walk

    10:30 PM -Sit

    11:15 AM - Sit with Instructions

    12:00 PM -Sit with Instructions

    12:45 PM - Lunch or walk

    1:30 PM - Sit

    2:15 PM Q&A

    2:45 PM Yoga

    4:00 PM Sit

    4:30 PM Dinner

    5:30 PM Teaching and Practice

    8:00 PM Bed


    7:30 AM Wake up

    8:00 AM Sit

    8:30 AM Walk, Breakfast or Individual Prayer Time

    9:00 AM Sit

    9:30 AM Chanting

    10:30 AM Walk, Breakfast or Individual Prayer Time

    11:15 AM -Sit with Instructions

    12:00 PM - Walk

    12:30 PM -Sit

    1:15 PM - Sit with Instructions

    2:00 PM -Sit with Instructions

    2:45 PM - Lunch or walk

    3:30 PM - Sit

    4:15 PM Q&A

    4:45 PM Yoga

    6:00 PM Sit

    6:30 PM Dinner

    7:30 PMTeaching and Practice

    10:00 PM Bed


    7:00 AM Sit with Instructions 

    7:45 AM Breakfast or walk

    8:30 AM - Sit

    9:15 AM Q&A

    9:45 AM Yoga

    11:00 AM -Sit

    11:30 AM - Lunch 

    12:30 PM Teaching and Practice

    3:00 PM walk

    3:30 PM Sit with recorded instructions from the morning

    4:15 PM Walk

    5:00 PM  -sit

    5:30 PM chant (with chant recordings from the morning)

    6:30 PM Dinner

    7:30 PM Sit

    8:15 PM Walk

    8:45PM Sit

    9:30 PM  Bed