Mindfulness in Israel with Or HaLev

    Located between Caesarea and Tiberias, come explore Jewish mindfulness practice with Or HaLev in their home among the pluralistic and intentional Kibbutz Hannaton. Choose from the following 90 minute sessions to craft a mini-retreat for your group.

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Or HaLev is expert in the quieting technique, taught by R. Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, the Piaseczner Rebbe. No background knowledge required to try out this special form of Jewish meditation.

    Sacred Song and Chanting

    • Song is a powerful key to unlock. Through chanting simple phrases from our sacred texts we will open our hearts and together cultivate joy, love and compassion.

    It is not necessary to know how to sing to open the heart with chanting and song. By rooting words and phrases from traditional Jewish sources in deep intentionality, Or HaLev teachers will use song to bring your group to a place of uplift and joy. Click to listen.

    Embodied Judasim through Mikvah

    Embody Judaism through the ancient practice of immersion in a body of living waters, known as the mivkah. The Shemaya Mikvah at Hannaton is the only fully open and progressive mikvah in Israel, where all people are welcome to immerse, regardless of their religious affiliation or persuasion. 

    Embodied Judasim through Yoga

    The first chief rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook taught that the return to the land of Israel was a return to the body. Explore the body through Jewishly infused Yoga, taught by certified instructors.  Sessions can vary in length and are catered to the needs and preferences of your group.  

    While the practice of yoga is rooted in Eastern tradition, Or HaLev teachers interwieve the practice with Jewish themes. 

    Tour Israel with Or HaLev

    In consultation with licensed Israel tour guides, Master Or HaLev teachers will guide your group through a mindful exploration of Israel, using our open and pluralistic approach to Judaism. Balance the inspirational sights and flavors of Israel with open and inspiring Jewish practice, expertly crafted to meet the needs of your group.

    Cost vary widely, based on length of visit and itinerary. Click to contact for details.

    Consulting Services

    Or HaLev consults with groups visiting Israel, helping them to infuse their itinerary with Jewish spirituality. We’ll support you in visioning the rhythm of your visit, consider simple ways to incorporate Judaism, without prerequisites for background or particulars belief, and create one of the following sessions for your group at your hotel. Cost: $1,500 plus travel expense.

    • Mindfulness and Cultivating Compassion: Israel is a country of extremes, of sights, sounds and flavors, of much joy and much pain. Jewish mindfulness practice supports us in keeping our hearts open, even as we come into contact with the hard realities of life in the middle east. Through study and practice, Or HaLev will help you to balance the intensity of your group’s itinerary with breath and soul.

    • Mindful Shabbat: There is no better setting to taste Jewish mindfulness practice that over Shabbat dinner. By experiencing the rituals of shabbat as accessible mindfulness practices, your group will taste a Judaism that can stay with them long after they return home from Israel.

    • Sacred Song: Song is one of the most common and widespread spiritual practices in Judaism, from the Song of Sea to Hasidic niggunim and current liturgical melodies. Through studying texts together on the nature of song in Judaism and practicing sacred song we will more deeply understand and experience the power of song in the Jewish tradition.

    • Spiritual Community How do we form and sustain spiritual community? How do we help each other cultivate our best selves? Through an exploration of texts and practices we will understand the significance of community to Jewish spirituality, how Jewish community is expressed in Israel and how your group can use the inspiration from their visit to infuse life into their community at home.