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How deeply rooted are you? What happens when the winds blow difficult things your way? How much are you blossoming?

This Tu Be'Shvat retreat is an invitation into an immersive experience of mindfulness practice, deepening the roots that nourish and hold you.We will spend two days connecting to the environment - without and within - through the senses.

We’ll explore putting down roots that can hold us through the storms, opening to the beauty and delight of Creation, and learning the pathways and practices that can support our blossoming. The practice will take place in the supportive context of social silence, chanting, prayer, and teachings, with clear instructions and support from the teachers around how to practice and work with what comes up. The retreat is appropriate for people of all backgrounds and experience in the practice.


Please Note: Intensive Meditation retreat is not appropriate for everyone. If you have suffered a manic episode in the last six months or have every received a diagnosis of psychosis of any kind, you are not eligible for this retreat. If you have a history of trauma or serious mental health difficulties, you must be in touch with us to ensure that retreat will be appropriate and supportive for you.