Spiritual Archeologist and Master Mindfulness Instructor, the work of Rav James has been featured in digital and print media around the world. 

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    The JC    May 13, 2019     London, UK

    "A basic ritual such as a brachah can be viewed as a type of mindful practice — pausing from the rush of the world and making us more aware of something we might otherwise take for granted —  though it may not be taught as such in a typical school or cheder setting. Learning to step back for a moment from the course of our daily lives can be a “small Shabbat”." To continue...

    Channel 10 Magazine    October 31, 2018     Israel

    Haaretz    January 3, 2013    Israel

    "A weekend of meditation based on Hasidic mindfulness practices that were almost wiped out in the Holocaust proved to be unexpectedly transformational." To continue...

    Jewish Journal     June 7, 2018    Los Angeles, CA

    "On the last full day of retreat, near the end of Shabbat, it was time to practice Rebbe Nachman’s hitbodedut. I found a quiet spot on the mountain with a view of the valley and watched the sky stream rainbow colors as the sun prepared to set. When I opened my lips to speak, all that came was tears. My voice was raspy from disuse. But I told God about the things I had learned, and God listened. " To continue...

    Channel 11 News        January 7, 2019    Israel