Our  Work in Israel

    Made possible by the Jennie Litvack Memorial Fund to Transform the Israeli Spiritual Landscape 

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    Inspired by Or HaLev’s mission to bring to the Jewish state the same soulful, innovative, inclusive Judaism that animated her activism in Washington, Jennie’s leadership and vision helped Or HaLev to expand accessibility of meaningful, pluralistic spiritual practice in Israel and to create common ground between Israelis and North American Jews.  

    Or HaLev has grown its staff and programs significantly, in the process strengthening the cause of religious pluralism in Israel through Jewish mindfulness that meant so much to Jennie.

    Or HaLev builds pluralistic practice through Jewish spirituality and meditation - engaging Israelis from widely different backgrounds.  By providing precious resources for crafting a meaningful life through connection, joy and inspiration rooted in Jewish spiritual heritage and tradition, Or HaLev opens hearts and reduces fear and prejudice. Or HaLev’s transformative models of practice directly impact Israelis, particularly young Israelis, enabling growth of a movement to create accessible, relevant Judaism open to all Jews in Israel and throughout the world.

    In a society constantly experiencing trauma and uncertainty, Or HaLev provides a unique opportunity for Israelis from vastly different places to come together in practice that leads to healing, resilience and compassion.

    Update, May 2021

    Recently, Or HaLev responded quickly to the crisis in Israel by developing new online courses to provide support and healing for a traumatized Israeli population.

    •  "I live in Ashkelon. After 10 difficult days this was so very much needed. Thank you so much. I'm now better equipped.”

    • "It amazes me how powerful this is, how accessible.  I feel much calmer now. Thank you."

    Current Projects

    Community Development

    Active engagement of Israelis in Or HaLev programs, communicating more broadly to expand the audience, including the development of a new Or HaLev website in Hebrew (coming soon!)

    Faculty Development and Teacher Training

    In order to serve the burgeoning field, a pilot is being developed In conjunction with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality to create best practices in Jewish mindfulness, curricula and credentialing programs to reach Jewish educators and clergy at varying levels over the next five years. 

    Israeli Leaders Spirituality Program

    A two year program of study and practice to produce more mindful, present, resilient and effective Israeli Jewish leaders who will infuse deep spirituality in their communities and promote pluralistic religious practice throughout Israel.  This is based on the pilot program created by Jennie in 2017 which included training and microgrants to participants (in development).

    Retreats & Classes

    Or HaLev offers retreats in Israel in both Hebrew and English as well as online retreats for participants from around the globe. These silent retreats offer deep spiritual practice through meditation, Jewish text study, yoga and chanting practice. Additionally, weekly online classes with Rav James as well as courses on topics such as Spiritual Activism and Loneliness support students to integrate practice into their lives and home communities.

    Donate to the Jennie Litvack Memorial Fund