The Awakened Body - Seven Weeks of Jewish Mindfulness Practice

Perhaps the most significant contribution that the Torah made to the history of humanity was the association of the number seven with the idea of wholeness. We know this best when we feel the subtle exhale that greets us with the arrival of the weekend. So, when the Torah gave the instruction to number off seven weeks, seven sevens, on the journey from redemption (Passover) to revelation (Shavuot), the 16th century Kabbalists could not resist the temptation to craft a spiritual journey to accompany our counting. “Counting the Omer” is the perfect opportunity to try out Jewish mindfulness practice, and to feel first hand how paying attention to the lived experience of being a human being in a body can bring profound joy and meaning.

In this seven-week eCourse, we’ll bring sources from the Jewish mystical tradition to life, as we get to know our bodies through the lens of the sefirot, the kabbalistic map of the body. Tune in for a weekly livestream to set your intention for the week, so that you can return to the intentions offered in our course packet in the moment to moment of each of the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot.

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Weekly Practice Guides



Session 1: Hesed - Love as the Fabric of Creation

Session 2: Gevurah, Language and Creation

Session 3: Tiferet - Saying "I" From the Heart

Session 4: Netzah - Wrestling with Ego

Session 5: Hod - Humility and Surrender

Session 6: Yesod - Divine Longing

Session 7: Shekhina/Malchut - Magical World