2020 Retreat Schedule

    Translation between Hebrew and English is available on all retreats in Israel.

    Yom Kippur Silent Retreat

    Yom Kippur offers the powerful and concentrated possibility of atonement, the coming back into alignment with the soulful essence of who we are, of an honest and purified relationship with the Divine, self, and others. Traditional and egalitarian prayer services will be available, but are not a required part of the retreat.


    September 24-28, 2020


    Chanukah Silent Retreat

    Move from darkness to light with Or HaLev on this 3-day silent Jewish meditation retreat. The Chanukah season is an opportune time to cultivate our own sense of wonder. Around us, the darkness is deepening, and many of the natural cycles of life are becoming quieter & more inwardly focused. 


    December 17-29, 2020


    Awakening the Divine Retreat

    Combining prayer, mindfulness meditation, silence, text study and other modes of spiritual practice, this retreat will introduce participants to the profound depths of Jewish spirituality and offer the possibility of finding life-transforming meaning in the Jewish tradition. In partnership with the NYU Center for Global Spiritual Life.


    Waynesboro, PA

    Dec 29 - Jan 3, 2021


    Awakening to Joy Silent Retreat

    Joy is our birthright. It is our natural state when our mind is uncluttered and our heart is at ease. Yet the clamor of the world, the stress of daily life can block us from our inherent nature.

    On this four-night silent meditation retreat participants will be given concrete tools to change their relationship to their mind and heart, open to their inherent joy and love and let go of that which blocks that connection.


    February 16-20, 2021


    Awakening to Freedom Retreat

    Liberation, and the joy which accompanies it, is our birthright. Yet, too often we are stuck in places that feel closed and small, shut off from our natural joy, playfulness and freedom. Incorporating the profound freedom of Passover, this six-night meditation retreat will give participants concrete tools to access and open their joyful, free Divine nature.


    March 14-20, 2021


    Opening the Heart Retreat

    This retreat offers concrete tools to access our joyful, free Divine nature, and to open our hearts. Using the vehicle of silence, mindfulness, and a variety of Jewish meditation approaches, we will pause to reflect and rebalance.

    Marin, CA

    May 25 - 31, 2021