If you are committed to offering meaningful Judaism to the world and you want to work in a mindful workplace, consider joining the Or HaLev team!


Paid Summer Internship - Management and Development

Considering a career in social enterprise or non-profit? Challenge yourself and help Or HaLev bring Jewish mindfulness to the world during this summer internship, where you will serve as the assistant to the Executive Director. We'll design projects based on your goals and growth objectives, in the areas of organizational mangement, development and administration.

To apply, send resume to orhalev.connect@gmail.com.

Executive Assistant, Israel

Or HaLev is seeking an exellent Executive Assistant to support the work of the Executive and Spiritual Directors. Must be a fluent Hebrew speaker, with excellent written communication in Hebrew and English, and facility with Word, Excel and accounting software. CRM management experience a plus. 

Position is based in Israel, with option for flexible work hours and work from home. Salary commensurate with experience: 5,500-7,500 ₪/month

Click here to apply.


Paid Summer Internship - Social Media, US

Or HaLev is seeking a driven, focused and creative Social Media native. Learn the inner workings of a social change venture and deepen into your own practice while helping to spread Or HaLev's hands-on approach to Judaism with the world. This is a paid internship with mentorship built in at every step of the way.

To apply, send resume and sample visual social media posts (with image) to orhalev.connect@gmail.com.

Our Values: Or HaLev Employees join us in affirming that...

❆ Judaism is a source of deep wisdom and tools to effect transformation (tikkun) of ourselves, our community, our world and God. Such repair has always been the ultimate goal of the Jewish mystical tradition.

❆ Transformation occurs through discipline and practice, and requires concrete techniques and technologies (i.e.. mitzvot) of self-development. Other traditions also have wisdom and tools, and we are open to drawing on those techniques that aid our transformation. 

❆ The fundamental goal of transformation (tikkun) is to make us better people. This includes: 
    ◦ Honoring the sanctity of all beings, made in the image of God, in our dealing in the world.
    ◦ Awakening to the joy and wonder of everyday life, thereby awakening to divinity. 
    ◦ Radical openness to the variety of human experience, pleasurable and painful, just as they are, thereby honoring the sanctity of         each moment and each being.
    ○ Developing wisdom, understanding and insight. 
    ○ Celebrating our intrinsic belovedness, as a children of the divine.

❆  The goal of spiritual practice is self-transformation, not spiritual states (i.e. ecstasy, bliss, etc.). Ecstatic states are valuable only to the extent that they aid in transformation.

❆  Our teachers are themselves on the path of transformation, succeeding and failing, and sharing their journey with their students. 

❆  Spiritual community is a crucial component of self-transformation. We work together to tend our spiritual community. 

❆  We make no distinctions between small and large tasks, small and large actions. The way we do our work and the way we treat one another are always guided by our values.

❆  Honoring the gifts we have received from our tradition, we commit ourselves to sharing this practice with others.