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Contemplative Jewish practice increases our capacity for connection, joy and inspiration, and we want the same for you. In this weekly podcast, Rabbi James Jacobson Maisels shares his own journey of practice with us, and coaches us on bringing practice to bear on the full human experience. Join Rav James on the first Sunday of the secular month, at noon EST, for a 60 minute community zoom call, to talk meaning, practice and Jewish wisdom.

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Playfulness 3

On Playfulness 2

On Playfulness 1

Did you know that it was once common practice for Hasidim to do somersaults in public, to practice not taking themselves so seriously. In this Podcast Taste, Rav James encourages us to know when its time to turn everything upside down.


Core Texts on Playfulness

On the Practice of Somersaults

Listen here to the extended version of the Somersaults Podcast, where Rav James explores the textual foundations of this creative spiritual technique.