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Contemplative Jewish practice increases our capacity for connection, joy and inspiration, and we want the same for you. In this weekly podcast, Rabbi James Jacobson Maisels shares his own journey of practice with us, and coaches us on bringing practice to bear on the full human experience.


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Are you leading a Meditation Sit Group?

Or HaLev encourages members of our community who are leading Meditation Sit Groups to share this podcast and the Jewish Wisdom they contain with your groups. The Source Sheets below contain many of the texts explored by Rav James, in both Hebrew and English, along with practice prompts and questions for deepening, exploration and discussion.

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Softness Podcasts

Introduction to Softeness - Podcast 1

Introduction to Softness 

Podcast 2

Introduction to Softness 

Podcast 3

Introduction to Softness 

Podcast 4

Softness 5

Softness 6

Softness 7

Softness 8

Softness 9

Softness 10

Softness 11

Softness 12

Softness 13

Softness 14

Softness 15

Softness 16


Softness 17

Softness 18

Softness 19

Softness 20

Softness 21

Softness 22

Softness 23

Softness 24

Softness 25

Softness 26

Softness 27

Softness 28

Softness 29

Softness 30

Softness 31

Softness 32

Softness 33


Softness 34

Softness 35

Softness 36

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Softness Source Sheets
Playfulness Podcasts
Playfulness Source Sheets