Move from darkness to light with Or HaLev on this 3-day silent Jewish meditation retreat. The Chanukah season is an opportune time to cultivate our own sense of wonder. Around us, the darkness is deepening, and many of the natural cycles of life are becoming quieter & more inwardly focused. As nature itself retreats, we will pause, together, to examine the flame of consciousness within ourselves & all of life. Meeting ourselves as we really are, we will discover immense potential for growth & delight, amidst the darkness. As the glowing light of Chanukah approaches, we invite you to let go of what is blocking the view & deepen your capacity for joy, gratitude, dedication & love.

    P.S. We're thrilled to share that our amazing vegan chefs, Mia and Maayan will be back with us on this retreat.


    • Check in for the retreat is 4:00-6:00pm on Thursday, December 19, 2019.
    • The retreat will conclude by 8:00 pm on Motzei Shabbat, December 21, 2019.

    Sample Daily Schedule

    5:30am Wake up bell
    6:00 Sit
    6:30 Walk/prepare for tefilot
    6:40 Tefilot/Sit
    7:30 BREAKFAST
    8:30 Work practice/Walk
    9:30 Sit
    10:15 Walk
    10:30 Sit
    11:15 Walk
    11:45 Sit + Q&A
    12:30pm LUNCH
    1:15 Work practice (beginner’s group meetings and instructions) 2:00 Sit
    2:45 Walk
    3:00 Sit
    3:45 Walk
    4:30 Teaching
    5:15 Sit
    6:00 DINNER
    7:30 Teaching/Talk
    8:30 Walk
    8:45 Sit
    9:15 Return to rooms or optional practice

    לו׳ז יומי

    5:30am   להתעורר

    6:00        ישיבה

    6:30         הליכה/הכנה לתפילות

    6:40        תפילות/ישיבה

    7:30        ארוחת בוקר               

    8:30        הליכה

    9:30        ישיבה

    10:15      הליכה

    10:30      ישיבה

    11:15      הליכה

    11:45      ישיבה + שאלות

    12:30     ארוחת צהרים               

    1:15        פגישות בקבוצה או זמן לנוח

    2:00        ישיבה

    2:45        הליכה

    3:00        ישיבה

    3:45        הליכה

    4:30        הוראה

    5:15        ישיבה

    6:30      ארוחת ערב

    7:30        שיעור

    8:30        הליכה

    8:45        ישיבה

    9:15        לילה טוֹב


    Or HaLev faculty are devotees of mindfulness practice and master Jewish educators. They affirm Or HaLev's Core values, and arrive at retreat prepared to give of themselves in a posture of generosity. Likewise, at the close of retreat, we ask you to meet them in a similar posture, making a donation which compensates them for the time and years of mastery they bring to retreat. 


    Rabbi Daniel Silverstein

    Rabbi Daniel moved to Israel from Palo Alto, where he was Director of Jewish Life & Learning for Hillel at Stanford University. He received his ordination from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School after several years of work in Europe & the US in the arts, education, & Muslim-Jewish relations. He is an accredited meditation teacher & facilitates a weekly sit group in Jerusalem.

    Mira Neshama Niculescu

    Born in Paris,  Mira is the founder of Neshama, a Paris Based  Jewish spirituality  project. She learned Torah at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Studies, and earned a  certificate of Jewish Experiential Jewish Education as a Yesod Fellow at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies while pursuing her doctoral research in the Sociology of Religion at the EHESS in Paris. A certified Jewish Mindfulness Teacher, she has been teaching parshanut, Hassidut and mindfulness since 2012, and holds a weekly Jewish meditation group at Pardes in Jerusalem.


    Located at Kibbutz Hannaton in the lower galili, the Hannaton Educational Center boast 23 modest guest rooms. The dining facilities of the education center are under the rabbinic supervision of the Vaad Eizori Emek Yisrael. 


    Upon registration, you will be asked to pay for the cost of your own bed and food only. 

    The remainder of retreat expenses are covered through terumah, or the making of open-hearted offerings, a mindfulness practice that is woven into all aspects of Or Halev.

    At the close of the retreat, you will be encouraged to offer terumah, or make a donation to the Or HaLev Scholarship fund, as an expression of gratitude for what you receive on retreat. Your gift (terumah) is what makes it possible for Or HaLev to pay our teachers and to create retreats.

    Shared Room (4-6): 495 nis

    Double Occupancy: 995 nis (for one person)

    Single Occupancy: 1595 nis

    To pay for your room and board in NIS, send a bank transfer to:

    Or HaLev

    Bank Leumi

    Branch 895

    Account: 41515/07

    Send a screenshot of your transfer to mindfulness@orhalev.org and we will send you a registration link to complete your registration.

    Prices below include a credit card processing fee.