Torah portion, which among other things, mandates social isolation due to a mysterious and highly contagious illness. The calamity there is tzarat, often grossly translated as leprosy, and the prescription is successive periods of seven days in total isolation, followed by...
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    This retreat offers concrete tools to access our joyful, free Divine nature, and to open our hearts. Using the vehicle of silence, mindfulness, and a variety of Jewish meditation approaches, we will pause to reflect and rebalance. Daily instruction in meditation guides both beginners &...

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    reflection by Rabbi Daniel Silverstein

    “The Eternal One spoke to Moses, saying: Have two silver trumpets made; make them of hammered work. They shall serve you to summon the community and to set the divisions in motion” (Numbers 10:2)

    The following verses state that these trumpets are blown to assembl...

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    reflection by Genevieve Greinetz, rabbinic intern
    It is amazing how much depth we can glean when we sit with one seemingly small detail that arises in meditation. During a recent three-week retreat, I sat with the miniscule details of indecision. My usual indecision was wildly magnified to the ...
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