Parashat Vayeshev
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    The central narrative in this week’s parasha shifts from Ya’akov, to his favorite son, Yosef. Yosef, seventeen years old, had two dreams, both of which he told his brothers, and both of which made them resent him even more than they had before. Actually, the language is stronger...
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    Parashat Vayishlach

    Hananiah Harari, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, 1936, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Patricia and Phillip Frost, 1986.92.52

    Our forefather Ya’akov, alone and afraid, wrestles all night. Come daybreak, he demands a blessing. The one he wrestled with responds, “Your name will ...

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    Parashat Vayetzei

    This week's parsha begins with Ya'akov (Jacob) leaving home in a big rush, fleeing his murderous brother Esau. He's alone in the middle of nowhere, and as if this weren't bad enough, the midrash adds that Esau's son, Eliphaz, has recently relieved him of all his worldly possessions.


    The sun fal...

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    Parashat Toldot 
    You're trying to focus on something. Maybe you're meditating, maybe you're praying. Maybe you're speaking with another person or trying to do some work.

    Lo and behold, when we try and focus on something, other things often happen. In our practice, and in our lives, the “five hinderances” identified i...
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    Parashat Chayei Sarah
    “Abraham was now old, advanced in years, and the Eternal One had blessed Abraham in all things (bakol)” (Genesis 24:1). The Ramban (R' Moshe ben Nachman) offers a mystically informed commentary on this verse that may resonate with many of us who have journeyed through different conceptions of, and r...
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