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Liberation, and the joy which accompanies it, is our birthright. Yet, too often we are stuck in places that feel closed and small, shut off from our natural joy, playfulness and freedom. Incorporating the profound freedom of Passover, this six-night meditation retreat will give participants concrete tools to access and open their joyful, free Divine nature and to release that which imprisons usUsing the vehicle of silence, mindfulness and a variety of Jewish meditation approaches, this retreat will help you to look deeply into life. The retreat also includes daily periods of prayer, chant and meditative movement. The form of prayer consists of chanting excerpts from the liturgy interspersed with silence. Those who follow traditional rules for davening may pray separately to fulfill their obligations. Daily instruction in meditation will help guide both beginning and advanced practitioners into the sacred space of the retreat process. Throughout the retreat, we will maintain social silence. There will also be times for questions and answers, as well as small groups and private interviews with the instructors. The week will include a deep celebration of Shabbat.


Please Note: Intensive Meditation retreats can be a beautiful and powerful journey of healing and transformation. However, due to the intensity of the experience it is not necessarily safe and appropriate for everyone. We therefore ask potential participants to be aware of the following: If you have suffered a manic episode in the last six months this retreat is not safe and appropriate for you. Please do join us on retreat when there has been more than six months since your last manic episode. If you have ever received a diagnosis of psychosis, intensive meditation retreat is not safe and appropriate for you. If you have a history of trauma or serious mental health difficulties, retreat may be appropriate and beneficial for you; it is important that you be in touch with us in advance to ensure that this retreat will be appropriate and supportive for you. We want to make retreat as welcoming as possible and we look forward to hearing from you.