Try this experiment: Can you feel your heart beat?

Modern life moves fast, often too fast. In a world where many of us do too many things and rarely stop to take a breath, with the next thing to do or a judgment or worry about things just done (or ourselves) always occupying our minds, with the iphone/blackberry/your distraction of choice constantly commanding our attention, we can easily lose our mooring. The many demands, responsibilities, even possibilities of life overwhelm us, leaving us with a sense that something is not quite the way it’s supposed to be- not as fulfilling, as alive, as creative, connected, intimate, or inspired as we hoped. We are confronted with the ultimate question, “Ayeka?” Where are you amidst all this? To find the answer, we go on retreat.


Awakening the Light Within

Pardes Spirituality Retreat

January 2-7, 2018
Capital Retreat Center
Rockville, MD


Awakening to Freedom 

March 18-24, 2018

Registration Open: 1/1/2018

Kibbutz Hannaton, Israel

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Family Friendly Retreat

August 10-13, 2018
Registration Opens: 6/1/2018
JCC Ranch Camp, Elbert, CO
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Yom Kippur Silent Jewish Meditation Retreat

September 28-30, 2017
Kibbutz Hannaton

Opening the Heart 

July 1-8, 2018
Registration Opens 4/1/2018
Royal Way Retreat Center
Lucerne, CA
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Additional Retreats


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